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My cholesterol levels are now lower than they were a year ago!

“I got my cholesterol tests back, and my LDL levels have dropped significantly, to a level lower than they were a year ago! Thanks to all the fantastic education and encouragement you gave. My doctor was very impressed that the levels dropped so much in such a short (3month) period of time, and said that she would use my case for teaching her other patients. So I don’t have to be on cholesterol lowering medications now.  It was thanks to Christine’s encouragement, enthusiasm, knowledge and weekly goal setting that really motivated me to work on improving my diet, reducing my LDL cholesterol, and generally feeling better.”  Tom – Vancouver, BC.

to Christine Shaddick…

“I just wanted to thank you for teaching me some very valuable nutritional & meal prep skills this summer.  I found my appointments with you very valuable not only in losing weight for my wedding, but also for teaching me proper eating habits that I will continue to follow.  Thank you so much!” Stephanie, Vancouver BC.

Beat that 3pm slump – I did it with Spectrum Nutrition

“A verbal ‘thanks for everything’ over the phone just didn’t seem like enough to convey my heartfelt appreciation for the time and effort that you put into education me on the value of having & following daily food guidelines and eating patterns.  I’ve notice a difference in my energy levels throughout the day, and now have a better knowledge of how to combat and minimize those afternoon low-energy slumps!  I also appreciated your patience, and your kind and cheerful manner.  To keep myself on track with meals and snacks, I keep a folder of the ‘weekly goals’ you gave me on my kitchen table and go through it regularly.  Thanks again for everything.” Jeanette, Burnaby BC.

A weight loss diet without exercise?

“I have always had a strong interest in food, cooking, wine, and without doubt paid the price for this indulgence. What I have learnt from Kelly’s course is that the science of weight loss, while certainly it does involve some sacrifices, does not involve the kind of self denial to the extent I was expecting. What Kelly showed me very clearly was that there are healthy alternatives that are enjoyable too. The other thing I learned is that once you start to lose weight you also start to gain back lost energy. As a result you start to feel much better. In my case this process created a positive feedback loop that helps me to press on with my goals. When I first met Kelly I thought I had to commit to some kind of exercise regimes but one of the first things she said was her weight loss diet would produce results regardless of exercise. And at first that surprised me. What happened was that the diet she put me on increased my energy levels and produced a natural desire to exercise more.  That was the positive loop.” James Rider, Vancouver, BC.

Christine is a wonderful dietitian

“I have been learning so much from Christine and I’m so glad to have been connected to her and Spectrum Nutrition. She is a wonderful dietitian and I totally feel her commitment to educating me about my food and providing me with useful guidance and tips every time I visit! 🙂 This has been such a wonderful experience I decided I’d like to share it with my friends and coworkers and a lunch and learn seemed to be a great avenue for it! Thanks again.”  Ainaz Molaee – Burnaby, BC.

Weight Loss Program worth months of therapy

“I’ve learned so much from Kelly.  She’s taught me real, tangible skills that have helped me see true results.  She’s taught me how to not work so hard and that I actually have to eat to lose weight.  I just had to have faith that eating the right way would still allow me to meet my goals without starving myself!  The skills she taught me in our 5 short sessions together really feel like they have been worth months of therapy.” – Marissa MacDonald, Vancouver BC.

Thanks Kelly!

What has been most helpful for me to actually lose weight with the program at Spectrum is the education.  Knowing about soluble and insoluble fiber has made me look at all my dry goods and only purchase them if there is 5g or more.  There are so many products available that the guidelines I learned at Spectrum really aren’t too hard to find for most items.  Crackers are about the only item I have had hunt a bit for ;).  What made the program so easy for me though, is that I haven’t had to completely overhaul my food choices, just some of the brands and it certainly wasn’t too hard to do that!  I’m down 12lbs now and no signs of stopping – Thanks Kelly! – Leah Bennett, Vancouver, BC.

Thanks so much Kelly

“Until I met Kelly, I was convinced losing weight just wasn’t for me.  I had tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig; you name it and had never had any real results.  So you can bet when I came to Kelly, I was skeptical that her weight loss program would work for me.  Not only did it work, but by the time I was finished the program I had lost 17 pounds!  I only have 8 more pounds to lose before I reach my goal weight and I am confident I can do it with the skills she taught me.  I think her program worked where others have failed because the guidelines she taught me were so common sense and I didn’t have to be obsessed about food every day of my life, which with two grand-kids – I certainly don’t have time to do!  I also liked the fact that our sessions were one on one, no group sessions, no lectures, just solid advice that I could stick to because the advice she gave me was tailored to me specifically.  She made a believer out of a skeptic and has changed the way I look and feel about myself.  Thank you Kelly!” – Marion Staple, North Vancouver.