Thanks so much Kelly

“Until I met Kelly, I was convinced losing weight just wasn’t for me.  I had tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig; you name it and had never had any real results.  So you can bet when I came to Kelly, I was skeptical that her weight loss program would work for me.  Not only did it work, but by the time I was finished the program I had lost 17 pounds!  I only have 8 more pounds to lose before I reach my goal weight and I am confident I can do it with the skills she taught me.  I think her program worked where others have failed because the guidelines she taught me were so common sense and I didn’t have to be obsessed about food every day of my life, which with two grand-kids – I certainly don’t have time to do!  I also liked the fact that our sessions were one on one, no group sessions, no lectures, just solid advice that I could stick to because the advice she gave me was tailored to me specifically.  She made a believer out of a skeptic and has changed the way I look and feel about myself.  Thank you Kelly!” – Marion Staple, North Vancouver.