How it works

nutritionUSING SKYPE
Consultations and programs are done using Skype on your own computer. Once a program is established for you, you will meet with your dietitian for about an hour over 6 sessions, usually once a week (including 30 minute sessions every 2nd week for our 180 day program – see our programs page for more details).

How it works: All you need is an internet connection and a computer to ‘meet’ with any of our dietitians via LIVE video conferencing. You’ll be able to see and hear your dietitian and you’ll be meeting live in real time. There is no need for you to have a camera or any other special equipment!

In your sessions, you will learn a new ‘lesson’ each week as well as develop your specific and written meal plan together with your dietitian. You will always see the same dietitian, sessions are always one on one, and the scheduling of these sessions will depend on your schedule and the schedule of your dietitian.

Sessions are usually schedule once weekly, but don’t need to be if you are away for example. You will work through your program at your own pace and will never lose a session if you can’t “come in” on a weekly basis consistently.

If you do not have extended medical benefits that have covered your sessions with our dietitians, or you did not receive reimbursement for the full cost of your sessions, then the remaining amount can be included in your annual tax return as a medical expense.