A weight loss diet without exercise?

“I have always had a strong interest in food, cooking, wine, and without doubt paid the price for this indulgence. What I have learnt from Kelly’s course is that the science of weight loss, while certainly it does involve some sacrifices, does not involve the kind of self denial to the extent I was expecting. What Kelly showed me very clearly was that there are healthy alternatives that are enjoyable too. The other thing I learned is that once you start to lose weight you also start to gain back lost energy. As a result you start to feel much better. In my case this process created a positive feedback loop that helps me to press on with my goals. When I first met Kelly I thought I had to commit to some kind of exercise regimes but one of the first things she said was her weight loss diet would produce results regardless of exercise. And at first that surprised me. What happened was that the diet she put me on increased my energy levels and produced a natural desire to exercise more.  That was the positive loop.” James Rider, Vancouver, BC.