No Sugar Added Greek Yogurt

At Spectrum, we love a new healthy product find. Today we want to unveil the latest take on Greek Yogurt…Drum Roll Please…..Introducing No sugar added Greek Yogurt from Silhouette (Danone) and Source (Yoplait).  Both companies have created a Greek yogurt with 0% milk fat, and double the protein of traditional yogurt (nothing new here) but this time with no sugar added and only 50 calories per 100g serving. Find below how these new products compare to flavoured non-fat Greek yogurts on the market:

 Product New! Source Greek Yogurts by Yoplait New! Silhouette Greek Yogurts by Danone Flavoured Greek Yogurt (Liberte, Oikos, Iogo, etc.)
Serving Size 100g 100g 100g
Calories 50 kcal 50 kcal 80-90 kcal
Milk Fat % 0% M.F. 0% M.F. 0% M.F.
Added sugar 0g 0g 11-13g
Sweetener SucraloseAcesulfame-K Sucralose Sugar
Protein 8g 8g 8g


So as you can see, choosing the new Source or Silhouette Greek yogurts will save you almost half the calories, thanks to the no added sugar. They still deliver as much filling protein but contain some thickeners, non-nutritive sweeteners, and in the case of the Source, some artificial flavours and colours. Here at Spectrum we believe that food products must fit your individual needs and preferences. So if you have been told to watch your blood sugars, or manage your weight, or just would prefer have 2 yogurts for the calorie cost of 1, these no sugar added Greek yogurts might be just the thing for you. Consider what you value most in your Greek yogurt and know that all of the products above can have a healthy place in your diet.