What should you be eating to fuel your exercise?

As spring approaches, it’s time to get outside and get your body moving.  So why isn’t your waistline shrinking with all that added activity? It could be what you’re eating!  When your body is working hard, it needs energy.  Energy = glucose. That’s right: sugar, starch, the dreaded carbohydrate! So why is it that nuts seem to be the snack of choice? Nuts are energy dense to be sure, but how much energy ‘density’ do you really need: 1 cup of nuts (about the size of a ladies fist) = 1000 calories! Something to think about the next time you’re wondering why you’re not losing weight…not to mention nuts are predominately made up of fat and protein, both take hours to give you that energy boost you needs NOW when exercising.

What I recommend instead is this: have a carbohydrate rich snack about every hour during heavy activity (such as hiking) to keep your sugar levels up. Try a Fibre one or fibre source granola bar, a Sun Rype fruit bar, a banana or even a slice of whole grain bread. These snacks only contribute 100-150 calories to your daily intake but the difference you’ll feel in your energy levels will be enormous – making your hike all the more enjoyable…after all that is why we exercise isn’t it 😉