Kraft dinner healthy?

This product touts all the benefits of a whole grain product; high in fibre, B vitamins and iron so let’s see how this KD measures up!

Half a box prepared provides 100% of your daily Thiamin and folic acid intake and takes care of 30% of your daily iron needs – very important for brain development in the little ones!  You’ll also get 360 calories, 14 g protein and 6 g of fibre, that with some raw veggies or a salad with low fat dressing is a perfect lunch!

You can save 160 calories in this recipe (80 calories for a 1/2 box serving) by using 1% milk and low fat margarine.  REMEMBER: Not all margarine is created equally – be sure and pick a margarine that is made with 100% NON – HYDROGENATED vegetable oil. I recommend becel lite (the blue tub).  Enjoy!