Vancouver Nutritionist Recipe Tips: Christine’s Caesar Salad Dressing

vancouver nutritionist tips light caesar dressing

Lightned Up Caesar Salad – The secret? Light silken tofu!

I want to share with you my nutritionist approved recipe makeover for the oh-so-popular Caesar salad. Many of our clients have written Caesar salad off their diet plans because of its reputation for being laden with calories and fat. And rightfully so….As we have previously mentioned, the Chicken Caesar Salad at Earls (with dressing) contains 1120 calories-Almost ¾ of a day’s worth of calories for the average woman!

So how does a salad of so few ingredients (typically romaine lettuce, dressing, croutons, and parmesan cheese) amount to so many calories? Look no further than the dressing…..Half of the calories in the Earls Caesar salad above (as with most Caesar salads) come from the egg yolk and too much oil.

So what do I recommend? A flavourful, creamy, traditional Caesar with a kick, and all for 22 calories per tablespoon! With the help of soft tofu and light mayo, this recipe is a way to ‘indulge’ in a lightened up caesar salad. Enjoy!

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