How much salt is in that?

Products like salsa, tomato paste, stewed or canned tomatoes and pasta sauce; any product made with tomatoes as its base, tends to pack a lot of salt. The trouble with these salty foods is that you can’t taste the salt…so more is usually added.

I recommend purchasing these products with no salt added. For example Presidents choice salsa has 85 mg of sodium per 2 Tbsp; compare that to Pace Chunky Salsa which has 230 mg of sodium for the same 2 Tbsp. Similarly, regular canned tomatoes contain 350 mg of sodium per half cup and the product doesn’t even taste salty! Start with a clean slate; why not buy canned tomatoes with ‘no added salt’ and add just a touch of your own salt at the table. That way you can actually taste the salt that’s being put into your food rather than starting out with a whole bunch of sodium that you don’t appreciate, and then adding more… just some food for thought.