Calcium – how do you know if you’re getting enough?

Ever wonder how much calcium you’re actually getting from your calcium supplement?

It’s the amount of elemental calcium that’s important when deciding how much calcium you’re actually getting from a supplement.  If you’re taking calcium carbonate, you’re getting 40% elemental calcium.  Taking a citrate version?  You’ll actually only see 25% elemental calcium from a citrate supplement.  So if your goal is to take 500mg of calcium a day, be sure to calculate the amount you take in terms of how much elemental calcium you can expect to get from your supplement.

And remember…our bodies can only absorb about 300-500mg of elemental calcium at a time, so be sure to space your supplements throughout the day for optimal absorption.  Our favourite?  Exact brand CAL-CHEW’s. These are chewable little 20 calorie yum yums (available at the Superstore) that make taking calcium fun – the perfect afternoon treat!  They also contain vitamin D which helps your body better use the calcium in your supplement – Enjoy!