What’s the skinny on sweet potatoes – are they, well ‘skinny’?

November 22, 2013 by  
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You may be surprised to know that when it comes to making a lower calorie choice for the starch portion of your plate, potatoes and sweet potatoes beat out the healthy grains like quinoa, barley, whole grain pasta, and brown rice.

Cup for cup, this is how potatoes and sweet potatoes measure up against the grains:

1 cup cooked whole grain spaghetti, quinoa, barley, and brown rice =200 kcals
1 cup cooked mashed potato (~200g) , with skin = 160 kcals
1 cup cooked mashed sweet potato (~200g), with skin = 160 kcals

What’s more, sweet potatoes have about 6g fibre per 1 cup serving (potatoes have about 4g) which is three times the fibre content of a cup of brown rice and as much fibre as a cup of cooked barley (just remember to keep the skin on–much of the fibre is in the skin)! With all that fibre, you are sure to get the lasting power you are looking for out of your starch AND for less calories!

To get you in the mood for cooking with sweet potatoes, Spectrum Nutrition has posted a Curried Sweet Potato Salad recipe under our RECIPES posts. It is a curried twist on traditional potato salad and a perfect (and healthy) starch option for a late summer meal. Just add your veggies and protein and enjoy!