What’s the skinny on Pasta?

November 25, 2013 by  
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Pasta… the new North American ‘swear word’?

Ask just about anybody these days and they’ll tell you pasta is the devil.  Why?  I was wondering the same thing!  Here are a few facts about the dreaded stuff to put your mind at ease:

1. The Nutrition Facts Table on the box is touting the calories, protein etc. in DRY pasta – 85g to be exact, which is 3oz or about 1 cup.

2. An 85g serving of dry pasta is approximately 300 calories.

2. 85g DRY pasta swells up to 2-3 cups of COOKED pasta (depending on how densely the particular pasta packs).

3. If you’re starting with cooked pasta – it works out to about 1.4 calories per gram.  So if you have 200g COOKED pasta (which is a about 2.5 cups), the result will be about 280 calories on your plate.

So in terms of calories, 100 calories per cup of COOKED pasta is actually quite reasonable; it’s about the equivalent to a piece of bread. Now take note: I’m not advocating for white pasta, there is no fibre to speak of in white pasta and fibre is what helps keep you fuller longer.  I whole heartedly recommend whole grain or whole wheat pasta.  You can even try Eden Organics Rye Spiral Pasta – now that’s whole grain! But, if white pasta is the only thing that will do, then go for Catelli Smart.  Catelli Smart has fibre added so you’ll get some of the lasting power a whole grain offers without sacrificing the look, taste and feel of white pasta.

Add to that a low fat tomato based pasta sauce and you’re in business!