What’s influencing you to overeat? … And what to do about it.

November 26, 2013 by  
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Are you under the influence?

Dr. Wansink, an Economics & Management professor at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York studies all sorts of external cues that might influence us to over eat.  You may recall the never ending soup experiment where people ate 73% more soup if their soup bowl unwittingly was refilled (from a secrete ‘hole’ in the bottom of the dish).  Well Dr. Wansink has a few more tips stemming from similar research which I’d like to pass on here:


  • Put your food on a smaller plate (it looks like more food ;)
  • Candies and other sweets are best kept in an opaque bowl (as oppose to clear) and kept at least 6 feet from arms reach
  • Put chips, popcorn and other snacks into smaller containers – every waistline of those dipping into the bowl will thank you
  • Pre-portion your food or snacks – 100 calorie snacks are a good start
  • Put the ‘good’ for your foods at the front of your cupboard or fridge, the first thing you see is the first thing you eat

Incidentally, Dr. Wansink also found that it doesn’t seem to help that you know not following these recommendations will cause you to over eat – you actually have to put them into action or you will over eat.  “It’s easier to change your environment than to change your mind” so “why not give your self-control a break” and put these simple suggestions into action today.  Some pretty sound advice if you ask me.