What’s for desset tonight – YES, we said dessert – you can eat it and ‘diet’ too ;)

November 27, 2013 by  
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And dessert tonight is…

Ahh dessert… that guilty little pleasure that we all love to hate to indulge in. But the simple fact is, we do indulge once in a while… and why shouldn’t we? So the next time you’re feeling guilty about indulging, try one of the following little yum yums: a no sugar added Kozy Shack pudding for 60 calories (found in the dairy case), A Cadbury’s ‘thins’ bar for 100 calories, a good old-fashioned Fudgsicle bar for 90 calories, A Vita Muffin chocolate muffin for 100 calories (found in the frozen aisle of your grocery store) or a Curves or Praventia granola bar for 100 calories.

There is something incredibly satisfying about actually finishing a dessert, which is exactly why the above desserts all come pre-packaged and perfectly contained to 100 calories or less – Guilt Free! So go ahead… have dessert! And have it every day. The only thing you’ll be missing… is the guilt ;)