To weigh yourself, or not to weigh yourself…that is the question

November 22, 2013 by  
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To weigh or not to weigh…that is a question that comes up a lot at Spectrum Nutrition!  Fortunately, the jury is NOT out on this issue.  It’s important to keep an eye on your weight. Period.  People who have successfully lost weight and maintained that weight loss weigh themselves regularly.  As do folks who seem to ‘naturally’ maintain a healthy body weight.

There are a couple things to remember when weighing yourself however:

1. Weigh yourself weekly, same time, same place and watch the trend – weight can fluctuate A LOT from day to day and throughout the day, so weigh yourself at the same time and under the same circumstances each week.

2. It really does take 3500 EXTRA calories to gain (or lose) a pound of true body weight – try not to be discouraged (or inappropriately encouraged!) when your weight fluctuates, if you know you’re on track with your eating other factors may be influencing your weight on the scale such as:

  • Fluid retention which can be caused by eating a salty meal (think soy sauce with sushi) or alcohol consumption
  • Menstruation can be good for 2-4 (temporary) pounds on the scale for sure!
  • Air travel can temporarily make it seem like that vacation was worse than you thought!
  • The time elapsed since your last bowel movement will even show up on the scale

3. Try not to compare your weight to others – bodies come in all shapes, sizes and densities so work with the numbers that are natural for you, but make sure you know what that number is ;)