Think twice before your order that ‘healthy’ salad at a restaurant…

November 21, 2013 by  
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Thinking salads are the ‘healthiest’ choice at a restaurant?  Think again…

I love it when clients are looking to maximize their veggie intake (which most salads do), but when one is also watching their waistline, going for a ‘meal’ salad may not be the best option.

Don’t believe me? Check out the calories in the below salads as posted on the restaurant’s website (all include the dressing):

  1. Earls Hot Chicken Caesar Salad = 1120 calories (without any bread!)
  2. Montana’s Cobb Salad = 940 calories
  3. Milestones Asian Steak Citrus Salad = 860 calories

So you see, these are just a few examples of how ‘costly’ meal salads can be. But don’t despair if you love salad: try these sure fire tips to keep the calories down:

  1. Ask to hold the nuts (especially candied nuts) and dried fruit
  2. Skip the cheese – meal salads typically contain chicken or fish so there’s no need for more protein & cheese calories can really add up
  3. Request ‘easy on the dressing’ or ask for the dressing on the side
  4. Avoid any deep fried add on’s to your salad

Following these tips will help bring any salad down from around 1000 calories to closer to 500 or 600 calories…now that’s more like it ;)