There is something to that ‘volumetrics’ thing…

November 25, 2013 by  
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Anyone who is or has been a client at Spectrum Nutrition knows that we teach clients to eat more food that has fewer calories; this makes clients feel fuller for longer and not feel like they’re on a ‘diet’ while losing weight (incidentally, this is the secrete to effective weight maintenance too).

Simple concept, but I just read about Barbara Roll’s new diet book due out in April touting exactly the same thing with the concepts bound up in a tidy marketing package called the ‘ultimate volumetrics diet’. Sounds fancy, but it’s just another way to say eat less calorie dense foods so you can eat more of them and still lose weight.

So I’ll save our readers the trouble of reading the book and pass on these few ‘volumetric’ tips:

  1. Veggies, veggies, veggies! – If you’re not consuming at least ½ a plate of veggies with lunch and dinner, I guarantee you’re going to feel hungry
  2. White fish, skinless chicken breast, prawns or pork tenderloin are the lowest calorie meats: choose them often = save on calories
  3. Grain products that are high in fibre are lower in calories: choose products high in fibre for every meal
  4. Bulk up mixed meat dishes (think lasagna, spaghetti, taco mix, chili etc.) with veggies so that each spoonful is made less dense as the veggies will replace some of the more calorie dense meat
  5. Limit what we call at Spectrum Nutrition ‘high impact foods’:
    1. No more than 1 Tbsp of oil in ANY recipe
    2. Avocado can be used as the ‘fat’ in a meal, not as an extra (think salad dressing or mayo)
    3. 1 little handful of nuts = about ½ the calories a women should consume in a whole meal: leave these little calorie bombs out of salads and other dishes to keep the calories down