Should I be drinking milk with all the antibiotics and hormones they have in them these days?

November 25, 2013 by  
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I was asked a very good question at a presentation I gave a week or two ago and thought everyone might want to hear the answer.  The question was this: should we even be drinking milk with all the hormones and antibiotics that is found in milk these days….Good question!  The answer is YES…because you can easily find milk without antibiotics or hormones and still get all the benefits of drinking milk.

The milk we drink in Canada is produced in Canada so if you are concerned about what’s in the milk you drink – all you have to do is ask the producer. I did ask; Montreal’s “Natrel” in fact (the same company responsible for “Island Farms” here in BC).  The results were astonishing.  Did you know that Bovine Growth Hormone is illegal to give to cows producing milk in Canada? Natrel has told me they test all their milk and if any such hormone is found the milk is immediately rejected at the expense of the producer.  Antibiotics on the other hand are not illegal, but Natrel rejects any and all shipments of milk that contain traces of antibiotics in them forcing their producers to raise cows in such a manner so as not to require antibiotics or they won’t be able to sell their milk.

So you see, if you’re concerned about the foods you ask, just do a little digging and you might save yourself a whole lot of grief agonizing about how to go without your beloved yogurt in the morning.

By the way, Island Farms products are sold just about everywhere and I’ve even now seen the Natrel brand proper at Whole Foods.  If anyone takes the time to call Dairyland or Lucerne – post what you discover on our Facebook Page.