Plant Sterols, what are they and are they good for you?

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What are plant sterols and are they good for you?

Plant sterols are a set of natural compounds found in plants that are structurally similar to cholesterol.  These food components actually interfere with cholesterol absorption and therefore have been found to lower cholesterol levels for those who have moderate to high cholesterol.

Studies have found however, that just taking additional plant sterols in supplement form is not overly useful at lowering cholesterol levels.  What the studies do show is that taking up to 3g of plant sterols when mixed with dietary fat does help lower cholesterol.  So where does that leave you in terms of getting enough plant sterols in your diet?

The good news is…all you have to do is eat your fruits and vegetables!  Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds all contain plant sterols

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Just one more reason eating your fruits and veggies is a good thing ;)