Peanut butter, but no fat? Introducing….PB2!

November 22, 2013 by  
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Peanut butter without the fat?!?

Yes, it’s true thanks to a new product on the market called PB2.  PB2 is a powdered, defatted peanut butter that you add water to just before eating to make ‘real’ peanut butter.   Powdered peanut butter sounds a little weird I know, but the ‘defatting’ process removes about 85% of the oil in the peanuts by mechanically ‘pressing’ the peanuts through an expeller or press.  What’s left after this process are the peanuts, in a powdered form.  The result?  A peanut butter that, after you add a little water, looks, tastes and feels just like ‘real’ peanut butter, but with 85% less fat and ¼ of the calories!  Now that’s what I call healthy heaven!  And…the product is made with just roasted peanuts, a little sugar and salt – just like regular peanut butter.

To bizarre you say?  Not at all.  We consume defatted products all the time. Think chocolate. Defatting is the same process used to make cocoa powder from the cocoa bean (and hence chocolate), soy flour from a soy bean or, if looking at the process the other way, how olive oil is made from olives (the only difference is we don’t usually make use of the powdered olives left over from the oil making process…we just use the oil). The process of defatting is widely used and does not change the chemical or physical properties of the substance being defatted, it simply presses out the oil.

If you’ve ever had Adam’s natural peanut butter, PB2, once you’ve added a touch of water, tastes and has a texture just like it.  All you need to do is enjoy!

You can buy this product locally at a store called “Nature – Living Health” in Vancouver (between 10th and 11th on Arbutus Street) or online, just Google PB2 and have it shipped right to your door.  Enjoy in smoothies, baking, on toast, or on some celery or a banana as a snack!