The Dietitians


“At Spectrum, we believe you deserve real advice, from real professionals!”

Studies also show that long term success with any eating plan means continued and consistent follow up by a qualified nutrition professional.  Registered Dietitians will do what it takes to make sure you are on track and stay on track long term. We’ve got the skills and expertise to help you navigate any situation from eating out to eating with the kids.

Registered Dietitians are licensed professionals and the experts on health and nutrition.  Dietitians have completed a four year University Science Degree, Majoring in Dietetics, and have spent a minimum of one year in hospitals learning clinical nutrition.  Did we mention Registered Dietitians are also covered by most extended health plans!


Meet Kelly:

“Eating is meant to be fun & enjoyed guilt free: I’m on a mission to show every dieter out there how to make that happen and still meet their weight loss goals
-Kelly Spec, RD