Is there such a thing as healthy chips?

November 22, 2013 by  
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True, that might sound like an oxymoron, but the food innovators out there have come out with what I would consider a ‘healthy’ chip.

They’re called “Beanitos” – they are a ‘chip’ made with beans and a little rice instead of the usual corn (think tortilla chips) or potato.  Not that there’s anything wrong with corn or potatoes, but I think the nutrient profile of these chips are superior to your traditional snack chips; here’s why:

Beanito chips can tout all the good things regular old beans can:

  • 8g fibre: keeps you feeling fuller longer
  • 7g protein: also provides some lasting power
  • 95mg sodium: which is less than a slice of bread  and considerable less than other chips
  • High in iron and potassium

The calories in Beanito’s are roughly equivalent to the calories in other chips: 250 calories for 50g (about one loosely packed (and closed) sandwich baggie full), but you’re getting a lot more staying power out of these little gems.  Try them with a little light sour cream and salsa – enjoy!