How to navigate the holiday party…food table that is!

November 26, 2013 by  
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Eating at parties can be challenging while you’re trying to lose weight…but it can be done with minimal damage to your eating plan.  Follow these simple steps to party eating and never avoid the food table again!

1. Avoid ‘grazing’ – party food is often very high in calories (think mini quiches, cheese platters, chips, potato salad and the like), having one little high calorie yum yum here and there will add up to a lot of high calorie yum yums over the course of an evening.  Remember, 4 little cubes of cheese can easily = 300 calories.

  • Put everything you intend to eat on your plate at once.  This will give you both a sense of actually eating something substantial and provide you with visual feedback on just how much you are consuming.

2. Follow the PLATE MODEL – making sure you get a combination of starchy foods, protein foods and vegetables is the best way to feel physically satisfied from a cocktail party style menu.

  • Starch: choose a dinner role or grain salad (like quinoa salad or tubule)  over chips or potato salad
  • Protein: choosing cold cuts like ham or turkey over cheese or salami will save you more than double the calories
  • Veggies: load up!  Eat as many veggies without the dip (or with very little) as it takes to fill yourself up.  Sorry… ceasar salad is typically high in calories.

Following these simple rules will go a long way to keep you on track.  Have your own party survival tip?  Post it on our Facebook page (and become a fan)!