How to navigate the ‘BBQ party’

November 25, 2013 by  
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While the sun is out you might just be attending a BBQ with friends in the near future!  But navigating your diet at a BBQ need not be difficult.  There are some basics to every BBQ that make following the PLATE MODEL easy: there’s always a starch (think buns, potato salad etc.), veggies and something for the grill.  So follow the plate model and you’re set right?  …well, almost.

Typical BBQ fare can pack more calories than we expect.  The biggest culprit: potato salad.  The average potato salad provides you with a generous serving of 250-300 calories per ½ cup!  All is not lost however…Check out our potato salad recipe posted on our ‘recipes’ blog – this ultra delicious and low calorie rendition of the dish will leave your head whirling!

A few more calorie saving tips for your next BBQ:

  • Skip the cheese on burgers (saves 120 calories)
  • Have the veggies without the dip (saves 200 calories – or use low fat dressing – saves 1/2 the calories)
  • Use low fat condiments such as mayonnaise and avoid the sauce on the meat (saves 100 calories)