Grains vs Carbs – the title implies one has to win

November 25, 2013 by  
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You know, we get A LOT of questions about things like the ‘paleo diet’ or the ‘precision diet’ (or Gundry, Atkins and every other carb-a-phobe diet you can think of); the biggest hang-up people seem to have is accepting that ‘carbs’ are not the enemy.  Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not suggesting you head out and fill your plate with white bread and white rice!  But skipping the ‘grain’ category means skipping out on your main energy foods.  Grains also provide many nutrients like iron and quite a few B vitamins that are important for health.

So instead of steering clear of grains altogether, try these super hardy whole grain mixtures as part of your meal to boost your energy and nutrition!

1. Mix equal parts of black barley, pot barely and oat groats or spelt berries together.  Simmer 1 cup with 2 cups of water for about an hour (just like you would cook brown rice, only a little bit longer ;) – and WOW! You’ve got a whole grain medley that will keep you going all day! (Contains about 170 calories per cooked cup and 8g fibre)

2. Kelly’s Hardy Whole Grain Muesli: see our recipe section for full recipe, but basically you mix equal parts of rolled oats (the old fashion kind), rolled rye, rolled barley and add in a small amount of dried fruit and seeds.  No need for cooking – add this mixture to some Non-fat Greek Yogurt and you’ve got a high fibre, long lasting breakfast or snack – enjoy!

***All these grains can be purchased at most health foods stores including Whole Foods in the bulk bins***