Frozen fruits and veggies can be just as healthy (and more convenient!) than ‘fresh’…

November 27, 2013 by  
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So…are frozen fruits and veggies just as nutritious as fresh?  The short answer is, likely.  This isn’t a hard and fast rule per say, but most fruits and veggies produced for freezing are grown and processed in relative close proximity.  This means that the fruits and veggies you would normally find in a frozen bag from the grocery store are picked fresh and flash frozen straight away.

When fruits and vegetables are allowed to ripen naturally before being harvested, their nutrient content is undoubtedly higher than if the same fruit or veggie was picked ‘green’ as is often the case with fresh fruits and veggies that are shipped long distances before consumption.

The downside is of course that the freezing process and storage does zap some of the nutrient content from its recipients…about 11% in fact.

Now where does that leave consumers you ask?  The long of the short is this; frozen fruits and vegetables can be just as nutritious as fresh.  So the next time you’re stuck for time or feeling the lack of variety the winter months can bring – keeping frozen fruits or vegetables on hand can save your bacon.  Better to include frozen fruits or veggies in your meal rather than skip them altogether for lack of time!

And…as a shameless plug for all those local growers and farmers markets out there, buying fresh when locally sourced and in season is still your best bet for optimizing nutrition ;)