Food for flight: you don’t have to subject yourself to high fat airport food you know…

November 25, 2013 by  
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Food for flight?

No matter where you are, following the plate model for any meal should be the goal.  That includes airports and on planes.  Most airports (especially in North America) will have somewhere you can purchase a salad – so my advice, get one.  But veggies only make up half the plate – you still need some quality starch and some protein.  The answer is pure genius!

Try dried packaged soup mix such as Nile Spice Black Bean or Split Pea Soups.  These soups are high in fibre and protein and come in their own package so no need for a bowl, they are freeze dried to maximize nutrient retention, and are completely preservative free.  … The best part is all you have to do is add water; this you can find at any coffee shop in the airport or request water from the steward on the plane, you just have to ask.  Now pull out some handy whole grain crackers from your bag like ‘Grains First’ or ‘Finn Crisps’ (or ask the steward for some in a pinch) and with your salad, you’ve got a complete meal.  You’ve also followed the plate model for maximum blood sugar control so you’ll have the energy you need to be productive when you arrive at your destination.  I told you this was genius – enjoy!