Fibre up at Breakfast to ensure it will last

November 26, 2013 by  
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You know, it’s interesting how much we can learn from children.  Today’s nutrition tip stems out of a conversation I had with one of my nephews when he was nine.

We were talking cereal and he asked me if “Cap’n Crunch” was good for you.  (you heard that right…it’s “Cap’n” not “Captain”, and he pointed that out too!).  In looking at the nutrition facts table, the Cap’n didn’t do too badly….

You might recall that one of our nutrition tips was all about sugar, and I suggested that an acceptable amount in most products would be 10g or less.  Well Cap’n Crunch has 11g of sugar per serving – not too far off if you’re a big Cap’n Crunch fan.  What’s missing is the fibre; one gram hardly covers the roughly 10g most people should be getting from a meal.

I recommend choosing a cereal with around 200 calories per cup, 10g of sugar or less and more than 6g fibre.  So what did my nephew suggest?  …adding bran buds!

One third cup All Bran Buds contains 11g fibre and only 80 calories, making it a perfect addition to his Cap’n Crunch and making a wholesome breakfast – dietitian approved!

If you’re not into Cap’n Crunch, other cereals that will meet the Spectrum Guidelines are:

·         Natures Path: Optimum Slim

·         Mom’s Healthy Secretes: Fibre Fit

·         Kashi: Go Lean Crunch

·         All Bran: Strawberry Medley