Eating is restaurants, is it expanding your waistline? It doesn’t have too…

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Here are a  few guidelines to follow to keep your waistlines in check when eating out:

Skip the appy’s and dessert – including them in an already high calorie meal can add 500-1000 calories on top of what you’ve already got.

Order simple foods without many sauces. The sauce is where the calories hide and you want to know what you’re getting (think steak, fish or chicken with rice, potatoes or quinoa PLUS vegetables).

Ask for plain rice or roast potatoes as your starch; loads of cream and butter can hide in pilafs, risotto’s or mashed potatoes. The starch portion of your plate should be about ¾ cup for women and about a cup for men.

Request double veggies, an extra side of steamed veggies or a side green salad (that does not include nuts, dried fruits or cheese) with light dressing to bulk up the meal. Veggies should take up ½ of your plate.

This one is simple, but most people ‘forget’ it: avoid deep fried foods.  The calories are doubled by throwing food in the deep fryer.

Portions, portions….just because you’re served a 10oz steak doesn’t mean you should eat it all. Aim for about 5-6oz of protein for a man and 3-4oz for a women: So share that 10oz steak or take the other half home.

And last, but not least, check for nutrition facts online.  Most chain restaurants have their nutrition information on their websites The average women would be aiming for about 400-600 calories for a meal and the average man would be aiming for 600-800 calories.