Do your Genes ‘make’ you fat?

November 25, 2013 by  
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Do these genes make me look fat?

Is obesity in your genes or in your head?  Scientists have been studying this question for years and the long and the short of it is – it’s both.  Obesity is a classic case of nature vs nurture. Research suggests that you are more likely to struggle with your weight if your parents are also overweight, suggesting a genetic component to your susceptibility for obesity.  We also know that some folks have to work harder than the average gym go’er to achieve the same results, again suggesting a genetic component. But we also know that parents and the children they nurture share a common lifestyle in the way they eat and exercise – hmmm – a strong vote for the nurture camp.

You can’t modify your genes.  As for your diet and lifestyle? You bet you can change ‘em!

So what do I suggest? You first need to learn how to eat properly and in a way that suits you. Then you MUST stick with that pattern of eating – for life. Regularity is the key.  Oops! I just let the cat out of the bag – the reason why temporary ‘diets’ don’t work (something to remember the next time you’re tempted for the ‘quick fix’). Also remember that generally we humans eat every day. That means what you eat is the most important aspect to tackle when fighting back against your ‘fat’ genes.

That’s not to say you don’t need to exercise.., you should exercise, that’s a given.  Besides the plethora of health benefits achieved by exercising, it also helps keep you slim (even if you do have to work harder than others). But don’t despair if adding exercise is too much, too soon – make what you eat count first, the rest will come ;)