Dessert out at a restaurant (especially after dinner!) = expanding waistlines…

November 27, 2013 by  
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Do you ever feel exceptionally full after a dinner out?  There could be good reason for that.  Chances are if you indulged in one of those lovely desserts after your meal, you might have actually consumed more calories than you need in two meals – or worse yet, an entire day’s worth!

Desserts at restaurants typically run anywhere from 600 to 800 calories, but can be as high as 1500 calories for just one dessert!  I’ve looked up the calories in desserts from some typical local restaurants…dare to read on?

a)      Earls Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding - 700 calories

b)      The Keg’s Crème Brulee – 640 calories

c)      Joey Restaurants Individually Baked Apple Pie – 1050 calories

d)      Montanas Cookhouse’s Brownie Sunday – a whopping 1450 calories!

The Creme Brulee is actually your ‘best’ choice!

So, what do I recommend?  Aside from skipping the dessert (out) altogether, I would recommend trying to keep your portion of any dessert to around 100-200 calories.  Yes, that means sharing, but from most of the examples above, that means sharing one dessert between 4 – 6 people.  Or you could eat dessert when you get home – aim for something fun for around 100 calories – your waistline will thank you!