Can I claim your services as a medical expense at tax time?

Yes.  If you do not have extended medical benefits that have covered your sessions with our dietitians, or you did not receive reimbursement for the full cost of your sessions, then the remaining amount can be included in your annual tax return as a medical expense.

Are your programs covered by extended medical benefits?

Yes.  IF your insurance provider offers coverage for a dietitian, then all your sessions with our dietitians would be covered by your plan up to the limit provided by the plan.  It’s a good idea to check with your benefits plan provider to ensure your plan includes coverage for a dietitian as some plans do not provide coverage. It’s also worth noting that you will be charged up front for the entire cost of the program on your first visit, however insurance providers only issue reimbursement on an hourly basis.  We will provide you the receipts you require for reimbursement as you move through the sessions in your program.

What if I don’t live in Vancouver, but still want to sign up for the program with a dietitian?

No problem.  All you need is an internet connection and a computer to ‘meet’ with any of our dietitians via LIVE video conferencing.  You’ll be able to see and hear your dietitian and you’ll be meeting live in real time.  There is no need for you to have a camera or any other special equipment: the science is quite clear; as long as you can see us, the sessions are just as effective as if they took place in person.  Video conferencing also works very well for people who are really busy and would prefer to cut out the commute to our office to meet in person.  Why not have an appointment on your lunch break!

Is it possible to meet with a dietitian before deciding to sign up to take the program?

Yes. In fact, it’s a good idea to get to know your dietitian a little before jumping right in to taking the program with us.  We offer a consultation appointment where you will have the opportunity to meet with a dietitian, discuss your needs and hear more about how the program works; if at that time you’d like to continue with the program, you’ll be confident that you’re doing what’s best for you.  The consultation appointment costs $40 plus GST.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes.  We require your credit card details in order to set up an appointment with a dietitian.  You can cancel or reschedule your appointment anytime up to 24hrs in advance of your appointment, however if notice is given of cancellation or rescheduling within 24hrs of your appointment time, your credit card will be charged a cancellation fee of $40 plus GST.

How does the program work?

You will meet with your dietitian for about an hour over 6 sessions.  In 5 of those sessions, you will learn a new lesson as well as develop your specific and written meal plan together with your dietitian. The 6th session is spent at the grocery store on a private, guided grocery store tour! You will always see the same dietitian, sessions are always one on one and the scheduling of these sessions will depend on your schedule and the schedule of your dietitian.  Sessions are usually schedule once weekly, but don’t need to be if you are away for example. You will work through the 5 step process at your own pace and will never lose a session if you can’t come in on a weekly basis consistently.

What if I don’t lose weight on the program, can I have my money back?

No. Unfortunately losing weight depends on two things: having the proper knowledge and skills to lose weight effectively – we give you that -  and implementing those skills – this is your part.  We cannot guarantee that you will do your part with implementing the program and therefore cannot issue a refund.  Having said that, our program is designed specifically to help you implement the changes necessary to lose weight effortlessly.  We’re serious about that, if you can eat, you can lose weight!

I don’t really need to lose weight per se, but would like to know more about making sure I’m eating healthy and am able to maintain my weight – is Spectrum Nutrition right for me?

ABSOLUTELY!  Interestingly, losing weight and maintaining weight are not mutually exclusive.  You first need to understand how to lose weight (even if you don’t really need to lose much) in order to feel like you are in control of your eating to maintain your weight. Our health and wellness program was designed to teach you how to do exactly that.

I already know *how* to eat – will I learn anything new at Spectrum Nutrition?

You will most certainly learn a few new tricks and ways to think about your food in order to lose weight!  And, we’re going to coach you through every step of the way.  Let’s put it this way, everybody ‘knows’ how to eat, but if you already knew it all, and could effectively implement that information into your life, you wouldn’t still be trying to reach your nutrition goals.  Let us help, it will be the best thing you’ve ever done – that we do guarantee!