Can I eat at night? I’m trying not to gain weight? The short answer is YES! …but read on…

November 25, 2013 by  
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Is eating earlier in the day better than eating late at night?

Weight Watchers, Dr. Atkins, the authors of the South Beach diet all have touted that foods should be consumed earlier in the day rather than late at night.  This has amounted to one BIG assumption that eating when you are less physically active (at night) will ‘cause’ you to store those calories as fat rather than being burned for energy.

True, we would agree that eating the energy your body needs when you require that energy (meaning during the day when you’re the most active) is the logical way to feel your best…but there is no hard evidence concluding that just because you consume energy later at night you are going to store it as fat.  In fact quite the opposite; A US study followed 7400 women and men for 10 years and concluded that the percentage of calories consumed after 5pm had no bearing on weight change.

You see the truth is weight gain (and weight loss for that matter) is a numbers game.  Calories in have to be less than calories out. If you eat too much food (too many calories), then you’re going to store the excess as fat.  So even if you ate all your food after 9pm everyday – as long as it wasn’t overall too much food (calorie wise), then you’d maintain your weight.  …wouldn’t do much for your energy levels especially during the day when you need more energy, blood sugar control and mood throughout the day though – but we’re talking weight here, right? ;)