Brie Cheese…and on a diet too!

November 25, 2013 by  
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For anyone who’s come through our program at Spectrum Nutrition, you know we’ve talked a lot about ‘high impact’ foods; foods that pack a lot of calories, for not too much volume. High impact foods aren’t necessarily unhealthy for you; think nuts, nut butters, seeds, cooking oils, cheese, avocadoes and salmon to name a few.  All these foods are healthy for you, but they have so many calories associated with them that minding your portion size is still important.

….and mind the portion size they did!  We’ve discovered a perfectly pre-portioned, individually sized Brie cheese product that we’d like to share!  Ever heard of “Coeur de Lion”?  These little gems come in 25g ‘tubs’ containing only 70 calories.  One portion will cover 4 finn crisp crackers perfectly and together will run you about 150 calories.  What a perfect way to enjoy that afternoon snack – guilt free!

Portioned controlled foods help you keep the calories in check while enjoying the finer things in life – bon appetite!