A few common diet myths… and the truth about them!

November 25, 2013 by  
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What have you heard about the ‘must nots’ of dieting?  To put your mind at ease, let’s debunk some of those myths for you shall we?  If we don’t address a myth you want answers to…post it on our Facebook page and our dietitians will provide you with the real answer!

Myth #1 – eating at night is strictly forbidden – FALSE! We’ve addressed this myth in a previous tip – go back to read the detail.

Myth #2 – no carbs after 4pm (or no carbs at all) – FALSE! Your body is not sophisticated enough to distinguish how to deal with a ‘carb’ at 2am or 1pm.  Carbs, and more specifically starch, is your energy food.  You should include starch at every one of your meals (especially if you’re following the PLATE MODEL). Remember however, I’m not suggesting white bread and rice here – whole grain, high fibre breads, pasta and grains is what you want – think a minimum of 5g of fibre!

Myth #3 – no gluten – FALSE! Unless you have Celiac Disease, avoiding gluten is the surest way to avoid all those healthy high fibre whole grains I just mentioned. Typical gluten free fair is generally higher in calories and lower in fibre then more traditional whole grain products (think rice bread and rice pasta). More calories and less lasting power is a great combination for weight gain, not loss…