400 calorie breakfasts at Starbucks

November 22, 2013 by  
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In a perfect world, we would always take the time to prepare and enjoy a nutritious breakfast. But what do you do when you are forced to rush out the door on an empty stomach? Believe it or not, there are healthy options out there that meet the Spectrum guidelines for breakfast, which are to include a quality starch (a whole grain) AND adequate protein (at least 12g protein from protein foods like dairy, eggs, chicken, etc) and you can find them at your local coffee shop.

Find below our Spectrum-approved breakfast picks for 400 calories or less at your local Starbucks.  Note that all the items suggested can be purchased at Starbucks.

Perfect Oatmeal (no nuts, no dried fruit) + brown sugar topping or splenda + 1 banana OR 1 fresh fruit cup + 1 mini Liberte non-fat greek yogurt

Total: 380 kcal, 8g fibre, 16g protein

Spinach, Egg White & Feta Breakfast Wrap + 1 banana OR 1 fresh fruit cup

Total: 370 kcal, 10g fibre, 19g protein

Protein Bistro Box (Includes fruit, cheese, boiled egg, whole grain bread)

Total: 360 kcal, 5g fibre, 15g protein

Reduced-fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich + 1 banana OR 1 fresh fruit cup

Total: 400 kcal, 7g fibre, 18g protein