Veggies: they are SOOO much more than good for you!

November 22, 2013 by  
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Veggies are more than just healthy for you, getting enough ensures you feel fuller longer and don’t overeat the other foods on your plate.  Follow the plate model and always fill half your plate with vegetables (this is equivalent to 2 overflowing handfuls or a minimum of 2 cups) at lunch and supper. It sounds so simple and yet many people struggle to meet this requirement. Here are some ideas that will ensure you get enough veggies and enjoy them too:

  1. Go for convenience- If veggies involve too much prep, you’re likely to skip them. Try pre-cut, pre washed broccoli, shredded cabbage, mixed greens, spinach, baby carrots etc.  Two large handfuls and you’ve got your veggie requirement covered!
  2. Stock up on fresh produce on your day off. Chop vegetables in advance, refrigerate in a Tupperware and use for salads, stir-fries, etc, throughout the week.
  3.  Have frozen vegetables on hand as a back-up. They are as nutritious as fresh vegetables (if not more), and they save you from skipping the veggies altogether when you have nothing fresh on-hand. Add frozen veggies to soups, curries, pastas, or simply microwave!
  4. Make your greens taste good by stocking your fridge at home (and work) with calorie-reduced salad dressing. Pick your favourite flavour, just make sure it has ≤40 calories per tablespoon. Use 2 tbsp of dressing to keep calories in check.
  5. Prefer to make your own dressing?  Keep oil to 1 tsp for one serving (a whole tablespoon will cost you 120 calories). Mix with any flavourful, low-calorie ingredients like balsamic vinegar, fresh/dried herbs, spices, shallots, garlic, salt/pepper, dijon mustard, and lemon juice. Enjoy!
  6. Remember, eateries like McDonald’s, Subway, sandwich/salad bars and all grocery stores sell garden salads. If you haven’t had time to pack your veggies, go for one of these options.