Getting Started Together

If you’ve been thinking losing weight…and your spouse could stand to shed a few pounds too – why not take the program together!  Research shows that the more support you surround yourself with when trying to reach your goals, the more likely you will be in reaching them successfully!

In the couples weight loss program, you and your spouse will be learning the same concepts, but of course the two of you are going to have two different plans – because the two of you are different!  The couples program is the same as Getting Started; however in this program, you both will see the same dietitian for the first 3 lessons, but you will have those 3 – 1hour meetings separately while you and your dietitian establish your plan individually.  Then, in the last 3 – 1hour sessions, you and your spouse will come in together to work on your common eating times (like dinner or eating out for example) and learn the last two skills of our 5 step process together!  This program will cost you $1375 plus GST.


Ready to get started? Call now at 604-675-6912 to book an initial consultation or book your appointment ONLINE…by next week, you, and your spouse, could be losing weight!